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Janice Harrington Rocks Puerto Vallarta!

As a singer/songwriter/entertainer living in Mexico, I've had the pleasure of welcoming many visitors to our new home. But this most recent visit has been the most enjoyable of all. Last month Rey and I hosted Janice Harrington, an internationally acclaimed jazz, blues, and gospel artist, and her husband, trombonist Werner Gürtler. Janice and I have been colleagues for more than 20 years, and we've collaborated on several musical projects in the past, including producing the first Jazz and Gospel festival in Las Vegas. I was ecstatic when she agreed to visit me in Mexico, and for the chance to work together again. During their stay, we spent our days exploring the beauty and culture of Mexico, from its bustling markets to its serene beaches. In the evenings, we performed at local venues like Nacho Daddy’s and La Catrina Cantina, sharing our music with the community.

The highlight of their visit, however, was Janice’s “Great Gran Ma Jan” concerts at Act2PV backed up by my band “Empress and The Crown Jewels” with DannyJu Lopez/drums, Alan Hernandez/lead guitar, Irving Quintanna/bass and vocals, and of course, yours truly, Empress on rhythm guitar/vocals.

The concert was a fusion of blues classics from legends like Big Mama Thornton to Mick Jagger as well as Janice’s original compositions. The repertoire we played was a reflection of our diverse musical influences and we showcased the evolution of blues music over time.

The energy in the room was electrifying. Janice's powerful voice and Werner's masterful trombone playing took the performance to another level. It was incredible to see the audience's reaction. We received a standing ovation at the end of each show culminating in an encore.

Janice and Werner's visit was a reminder of how powerful music can be. It has the ability to bring people together, transcend language and cultural barriers, and create unforgettable experiences.

We shared music, culture, and experiences that will last a lifetime. And we're all excited about what the future holds for our Patreon supported “Jazz In The Jungle” project which we are confident will take off full power in 2024. Stay tuned!

A special note to our supporters: We can't wait to bring our music to the world and share the beauty and culture of Mexico with all who listen. We're passionate about bringing jazz music to the heart of the jungle, and we've been working hard to make it a reality. We welcome you to take advantage of the bonuses that come with your membership. Perhaps you would like to join us for a musical adventure in PV!

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